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The CLB Forge Podcast

Feb 22, 2022

Mike and Ryan talk about ways to effectively involve your teams in decision-making, as well as how to delegate effectively. 1-Empower teams through decision-making authority 2-Be clear about when you want to empower an individual in decision making or involve the whole team

3-Set up your meetings with processes and...

Feb 15, 2022

Lindsay and Ryan talk with CLB North American Mission Director Nick Mundis about 6 principles ministry leaders can practice to engage in strategic leadership:


2-Serving/Leading others

3-Being a follower

4-Transformational-servant leadership

5-Non-anxious presence

6-Self-differentiated leadership



Feb 8, 2022

Luke and Ryan talk with Mark Johannesen, Shawn Bowman, and Conan Hirsch about Mark’s ministry consulting and coaching youth workers to advance their church’s youth ministry. 


Find out more about this ministry at

Feb 1, 2022

Mike and Ryan discuss ways that you can lead a healthy team:  1-Have a Clear Purpose

2-Build the Right Team

3-Care about Your Team Members

4-Lead by example

5-Have a Clear Way to Make Decisions Together

Resources mentioned:

The Unstuck Group

Teams that Thrive by Ryan Hartwig and Warren Bird